August 18th, 2016

45th and Shoal Creek

Graffiti, street art, painting, bombing, throw-ups, whatever. It's cool no matter what you call it. The following is a collection of photographs taken of a location beneath a bridge near my house. It's hidden away, some subterranean hideout converted into an urban art gallery. There is never any sign of anyone here, where Shoal Creek runs dry most of the year, where the limestone boulders, which line the creek, are bleached white in the relentless Austin sun shine. Here, below the bridge, there is shade. Here, the bridge has its belly painted by artists with cryptic names made even more indecipherable by their stylistic letter forms. Yet, they leave their mark.

Strange Trip

What a long strange trip it's been! - The Grateful Dead might agree this piece has that look and feel. The changing patterns, the purplish bubbles that surround the letters, and two-tone letters themselves are presented in a this fine composition.


Drib - If you've been keeping your eyes open in Austin lately, chances are, you've seen Drib's work. The colorful laid-back birds are often seen in flocks or alone. Drib's work is playful, yet distinct, noticeable, and oddly... legible? This piece appears to have been vandalized by other painters -- "Wanna be". Wonder if that has anything to do with Drib's less-urban style.

fat caps n' rustos

Fat Caps N' Rustos - Rusto Fatcaps make big thick lines and provide a nice even spray.

unknown artist

Scab - The use of metallic paint makes this piece unique. Chrome on black and white make for a striking presence. I especially like the subtle touches to the letters. A few stray dots add a lot of much needed interest to this work.

If you're a graffiti artist responsible for any of the work on this page, I'd really like to talk to you more. Get in touch: jwaltonmedia [at] gmail [dot] com.

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