August 12th, 2016

Resting Bass

The stand-up bass is a large musical instrument, often tucked away near the drum set. It can stand on its own in the deep part of a song or accentuate percussion adding a low-end layer in any arrangement. The bass's rich tone is unmatched and unmistakeable.

Resting bass is a depiction of a stand-up bass propped up against a wall waiting for the player to return. Dark shades of red, blue, and green combine with yellow to create thickly layered hues of muddled, smokey atmosphere. The negative white space, that is to represent the body of the bass, is textured with splatters of ink, which work to provide a faint inkling of strings and other necessary hardware. Two thin wires have been punctured through the canvas at the top and are strung diagonally across the white shard.

Resting Bass

Resting Bass - Full Size

This is a piece of abstract impressionist art I completed years ago. The canvas had been put away for a while, but has since, recently, returned to the wall of our living room. Even after all the years, 8 or so, this piece still holds a great deal of meaning for me personally, but stands, more so, as a time capsule for some long since dead memory; a place worth forgetting and my transition through. Now, on the other side, I've come to revere this work as a place of solace and a testament to where I was and where I have come.

Resting Bass - Detail

James Walton - "Resting Bass" - oil paint on canvas with paper and wire - ($1250)

2017 : James Walton : Digital Carpentry