Hey! I'm James Walton.

I live and work in Austin, TX as a Principal Design Technologist with over 10 years of experience creating large-scale, responsive and adaptive web applications. I have a deep expertise leading development teams for large scale fortune 100 companies in Financial Services, Airlines, Telco, E-Commerce and Automotive industries. My primary responsibilities range from rapid development of proof-of-concepts and prototypes to architecture and implementation of application-level production-quality code. My primary focus is full-stack architecture and development specializing in front-end and server-side JavaScript frameworks and best-practices.

Otherwise, I'm a father, a husband, a traveler, an aspiring writer and photographer. I am always looking for a creative outlet, a source of inspiration, or a way to quiet that inner noise perpetuated by the blessing curse of imagination.

Do you want to get together to talk-shop, wax poetic about the state of the world, or just shoot the breeze over coffee or a TX IPA? Get in touch:


Thanks for swinging by.


It's been quite a road to get here. It feels as though I've lived several lives already. Here's a rough timeline of events:

  • Born in Minnesota
  • Loved art, and drawing. I started out copying characters in the comic books I read and collected
  • First computer was an Apple II gs.
  • Played baseball; pitched and played first base.
  • Attended high school in Manchester, NH.
  • Played the guitar -- started a great hard-core grunge garage band called 'Shovel hat'. lol ;)
  • Moved to Buffalo, NY
  • After HS graduation, helped to open a tattoo and piercing shop. When I wasn't drawing tattoo flash, I fabricated piercing jewelry on a machinist's lathe
  • In 1998, discovered electronic music by going to raves in and around Toronto, Canada. I was immediately in love with 'the scene' and sold my guitar to buy turntables. Dj'd under the monikor 'jDubb'. Here's a mix
  • Attended Buffalo State College where I majored in graphic design
  • While attending college I cooked in a greek restaurant.
  • Transferred to and graduated from University of Buffalo where I majored in Media Study. The program encompassed everything from web design and development to feature film production and sound design
  • Freelanced as a graphic designer, and continued making films and videos.
  • Moved to Austin TX -- What a great city!
  • Worked on many experimental shorts and one feature length film called Hallettsville, which starred Gary Busey. It was a lot of fun dealing with his genius.
  • To promote my films and others -- learned enough HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create my first few web pages
  • Worked at Asuragen developing initial brand, and website
  • Worked at Razorfish, Inc.. Had amazing mentorship program.
  • Worked at Bloomfire, an Austin TX startup
  • Working at frog Design

2017 : James Walton : Digital Carpentry